​5. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

One day 2 samurais of different nature, Mugen and Jin, crosses path in a teastall where Fuu worked. The battle between them leads to the punishment of their public execution. Fuu saves both of them on the condition that they will be her bodyguard until she founds the samurai who smells of sunflower. Then begins their topsy turvy adventure facing different odds during the journey.

4. Bacanno!


When the immortality elixir is created again in 1930 many peoples such as mafias, pirates, thieves, alchemists, thugs who were unconnected to each other starts crossing each others path and the events starts getting more and more out of control. The frequent changes in timeline will definitely left you confused for a while watching this anime.

3. Mushi-Shi


Set up in the imaginary 19th century, story of Mushi-shi revolves around a guy name Ginko who help the people regarding issues with mushi,the most primitive life form which can only be seen by some people. Its kinda slow paced anime still the plot-line is quiet good.

2. Hanjime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo

Ippo, a highschool student who was always bullied by his seniors comes in contact of Takamura, a rising pro boxer which inspires him to become a boxer too.So starts his journey from the ground to top. This show is so inspiring that before you know you will be definitely throwing jabs while watching it xD.

1. Steins;Gate


The life of a college graduate – scientist takes great turn when he mistakenly creates a time machine using a cellphone and a microwave (kinda cool concept 8l) which leads to his fight with CERN,an evil corporation working behind the shadows.