Well I started a YouTube channel recently and uploaded this video.

The most irritating thing was that there were Copyright Strikes on my video again and again as soon as I uploaded it.

Bandai was again and again blocking it.

I uploaded it for like 10 time after doing some alterations but YouTube still caught it resulting in Worldwide block.

After that I got frustrated and Filed A Dispute against that strike. In the box where they asked the reason for filing the dispute I just copy pasted the below text and filed it xD. After like 4-5 hours Bandai removed their copyright strike from my video. Looks like they don’t check what we write as the reason for dispute xD.

Anyway just check this video and subscribe to my new channel if you liked it :3

LOL I have a test tomorrow morning and here I’m writing this blog at 2 AM. College life is such a draaaaaaaag -_-*shaking head like Shikamaru*

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